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At Industrial Seal & Pump Inc., we know that the rotating equipment in your plant must run reliably and efficiently.  To achieve this difficult task, we offer best in class technical sealing products from AST Seals, Seal-Ryt Inc, and Thermoseal. In addition to mechanical seals, mechanical packing and gaskets, we offer sleeve bearing solutions in unique polymer alloys from Thordon Bearings and partnered machine shop services. As experienced suppliers of these technical products, we recognize the critical role troubleshooting and failure analysis can serve in achieving the process improvement you seek for your operation. 

Because of the important role we undertake with our customers, Industrial Seal & Pump Inc. is committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships built on foundations of continuing reliability and trust. From the products we rebuild to our dedicated customer service and support, we strive to meet your needs. 


Industrial Seal & Pump Inc. offers a variety of services including on-site installation consultation and troubleshooting as well as off-site diagnostics. 

We offer technical expertise in troubleshooting pump and equipment failure so you are better able to minimize downtime. 

Maintaining your existing equipment is crucial to managing cost. At Industrial Seal & Pump Inc., we offer mechanical seal rebuilds for a "good as new" seal at a reduced cost. 

As a certified WOSB (Women-Owned Small Business), we are technical troubleshooters, partnering with plant personnel and procurement professionals to problem-solve systems and greatly extend the reliability of rotating equipment with the training, experience, and proven track record of delivering results for our customers.

Our mission is to help businesses by offering effective solutions to process and sealing challenges through process improvement, technical knowledge, diagnostic expertise, and highly reliable products.

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  • Marine Applications 
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  • And many other applications that require sealing rotating equipment


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Carrying the most trusted names in sealing technology, Industrial Seal & Pump Inc. is proud to offer full product lines from AST, Seal-Ryt, Thermoseal, and Thordon Bearings. From slurries to harsh corrosives, we have the product solutions you are looking for to seal rotating equipment.